Face Coverings are now optional on all TART and TART Connect Services. CDC encourages continued use of face coverings while utilizing public transit.

Significant Delays

Starting May 8, 2023

The North Lake construction season is back in full swing! Expect delays on all area routes due to the cone zones. Slow down, be patient and watch for construction workers! We thankyou all for your patience!


What is the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The ADA is a federal law that guarantees specially certified disabled Americans full and equal access to the same services and accommodations that are available to people without disabilities.

What is Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) required to do under ADA?

TART must make its fixed route bus system completely accessible for use by people with disabilities. This includes maintaining wheelchair lifts on buses and adding features for people with hearing and vision impairments. TART currently operates a 100% wheelchair accessible service. If a person is unable to use TART’s fixed route bus system because of his/her disability, TART must provide a service that is comparable to the fixed route service. For information regarding dial-a-ride services, see the Dial-A-Ride page.

Do current ADA registered users with disabilities have to register for ADA level service?

Yes, but only if they require ADA-level service. Others do not have to register to keep using non-registered ADA service. Dial-a-ride service will be available only to those who go through the ADA certification process. If an individual applies for ADA priority service and is denied eligibility, he/she can call the TART office for information on the appeal process.

Will services still be available for seniors and persons with disabilities who are not ADA eligible?

YES! TART will maintain existing levels of service for non-ADA eligible riders subject to availability. However, ADA eligible riders will receive priority over non-ADA eligible riders.

If a person can’t arrange a complementary taxi ride, how can he/she access public transportation?

Travel training is available for disabled individuals of all ages and elderly individuals without disabilities. This special training can give people the skills and experience to feel comfortable riding the fixed route bus system. Please call TART for information on travel training.

What support do you provide for those who are hard of hearing or have speech difficulties?

California Relay Service (CRS) provides specially-trained operators to relay telephone conversations back and forth between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-disabled and all those they wish to communicate with by telephone.

TDD: (530) 550-9223

TDD/TTY: 711

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