TART – Transit for the Tahoe Area

Service Alert:

  • Winter TART Connect Service will begin on December 10
  • Winter TART service will begin on December 16
  • Truckee T.A.R.T will be suspending night service to Northstar and Palisades Tahoe.  October 27th, will be the last service provided by Truckee to those sites until the start of our Winter Schedule scheduled for December 16th.
  • Face Covering Update: Until January 18, 2022. Masks will continue to be required on all TART buses and are available on board of vehicles for those that need them.
  • This Fall TART Connect offers night service on the North Shore.
    -Connections between Zone 1 and Zone 2 will be made at Dollar Hill.
    -Connections between Zone 2 and Zone 3 will be made at Stateline in Crystal Bay.
    -Connections between TART Connect on-demand night service and Truckee night service can be made at Palisades Tahoe & Northstar.


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  • allFace Coverings are Required on Buses
    Face Coverings are Required on Buses
    Starting July 13, 2020
  • allReduced Service
    Hwy 267 will run reduced service until the end of the Fall season. The 5:00 Pm Crystal Bay to Truckee and Truckee to Crystal Bay trips are cancelled. Please plan your trips accordingly
    Effective December 1, 2021 - December 16, 2021

Fall TART Connect

Fall TART and TART Connect services have begun. View the current schedule here.