TART – Transit for the Tahoe Area

Railyard Mobility Hub Open/Truckee Route Change

The new Railyard Mobility Hub in Truckee has been added as a stop on all Local and Regional routes. The HWY 267 route will no longer serve the Truckee Train Depot but will serve the Railyard Mobility Hub and the new stop by the Beacon Gas Station. HWY 89 and Truckee Local Westbound buses will NOT pull into the Depot lot - please wait at the new stop across the street from the Depot. Maps have been posted on TART buses and at bus stops. For questions, please call the TART office at (530) 550-1212.

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  • allSignificant Delays
    RIDER ALERT: Construction season has begun! Please make sure you are planning your trips accordingly and add extra time to your trips as travel is impacted by construction zones. Watch for bus stop closures and alternate locations in all construction zones.
    Starting April 30, 2024
  • allReduced Service
    Due to a structure fire, Hwy 28 has been closed from Old County Rd to Lardin Way. We will not be able to run from Tahoe City to Kings Beach until the road reopens. Passengers along the Northshore are advised to make their way to Tahoe City or Kings Beach Secline Stop using alternate means. TART Connect begins service at 8:00 AM.
    Starting June 18, 2024

The Spring Schedule begins on April 8th.