How To Ride – TART

Face Coverings are now optional on all TART and TART Connect Services. CDC encourages continued use of face coverings while utilizing public transit.


TART Summer Service: June 30th- September 5th. There is a slight change to the Hwy 267 route timetable.  See summer schedule here.

How To Ride

Trip Planning

With TART, you can plan your trip your way!

  • Use our homepage trip planner.
  • Check the system map. Select a route to view its timetable.
  • Download Transit on your smartphone. TART’s official app gets you real-time arrival estimates and step-by-step trip plans. You can also use Google Maps on your smartphone or computer. Just click on the transit icon.


  • TART services are FREE, just hop on the bus!
  • The seats closest to the front of the bus are reserved for elderly and disabled riders.


  • Food and drinks are prohibited.
  • Smoking is also not allowed on the bus.
  • Loud noises, such as music or loud cell phone conversations, are not permitted.
  • Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted on buses.
  • Carry-on parcels are limited to two per rider.


Get real time arrival estimates on our homepage by clicking “Arrivals” and choosing your route and stop.


  • Enter the bus through the rear door when possible. The front door will remain available to riders using mobility devices that require the use of a ramp.
  • Sit at least 6 feet from other passengers. 
  • Passengers are required to wear face coverings. 
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, avoid exposing others and refrain from riding the bus. 


  • Sanitizing surfaces daily. 
  • Fogging buses every two days with a 72-hour disinfecting agent.  
  • Distribution of hand sanitizer, Kleenex, rubber gloves, sanitizing wipes/spray for employees. 
  • Utilize hand sanitizers in front and/or rear of buses.